Baxter, TN 38501

Ben Brewington, born 11/7/60,  is a candidate for Baxter City Councilman in the August 2020 election.

Ben was born and raised in Baxter, Tennessee. He attended Baxter Elementary and graduated from Upperman High School in 1979.

Ben is a veteran of the U.S. Navy; he served 1979 - 1983.

Ben worked construction and drove a truck from 1983 to 2011.

Ben was employeed by the City of Baxter from April 2011 to March 2020 - over 8 years.  He was responsible for the city streets, vehicles, and building maintenance. He served as a superviser much of this time.  In this role, he attended all City Council business meetings. Ben learned not only about the Council business side, but has first hand knowledge of the physical condition of the city streets, water and sewar, facilities, ligting, etc. and most importantly needed improvements. 

Ben has been instrumental in the implemention of the successful Baxter Street Fairs, Christmas Parades, Homecoming Parades, Fall Festivals, and Car Shows. If someone needed the streets closed, temporary electrical outlets installed, flags hung, festival signs hung, Ben was there day and night. 


Ben's goals as a councilman are

1) to keep the "small town feeling" in Baxter while providing the best services to attract businesses and families. 

2) to assure that every citizen is treated with respect

3) to assure that the people of Baxter are represented equally

4) to assure that all city employees will be treated fairly and professionally

5) to assure that tax money is spent wisely

Ben is available if you want to text, call, or meet with him on any issues or concerns.


Citizens Comments

When the town flooded and culvert tiles floated out of Mine Lick creek on first avenue, Ben was there from 9 pm to 4 am assuring that citizens were safe by installing barriers so that they would not drive into the deep water. 

When the city of Baxter's main waterline broke on New Year's day a couple years ago, Ben was at the interstate exit ramp where the pipe burst, from 5 am in the morning until noon with water spraying 30-40 feet in the air turning into ice because the temperature was between 13-30 degrees.

Ben will get the job done!






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